Imaandaar, India, 03 April 1987

Raju (Sanjay Dutt) is an orphan. He has been brought up in an orphanage - Bal Mandir. Amina (Shammi) who owns a guest house, is very fond of children, but has no issue of her own - so she adopts Raju & Vijay (Rohan Kapoor) Raju loves Vijay as his own brother. Vijay loves his studies and wants to fulfill his dead father's dream of becoming a chemical engineer - but lacks the necessary funds. Here, Raju makes the noble gesture of providing him money to see him through college and finally sending him to London, for his training. In London Vijay meets Rai Sahab (Pran). Before Rai Sahab can get to know him and his background - he is forced to leave London as his only daughter Renu (Farha) is ill. Renu is a stubborn, adamant girl, as she is pampered a lot by her father. And the impulsive girl forces her father to get her engaged to the dashing young lad Kailash (Sumeet Saigal). Now, this Kailash is the son of Ramesh Sinha (Ranjeet) who is now posing himself as Sindhania.

  • Genre: Action
  • Runtime: 152 min.


Imaandaar (Hindi: ईमानदार) is an Indian Bollywood movie released on 1987, directed by Sushil Malik and produced by Surendra Pal Choudhary & Mrs. Sarla Sandhu. The film stars Sanjay Dutt, Farha Naaz, Sumeet Saigal and Pran in lead roles. It also stars Satyendra Kapoor, Rohan Kapoor, Om Prakash, Ranjeet, Subbiraj and Vikas Anand in supporting roles.