Hum, India, 23 January 1991

All round bad guy Bakhtawar (Danny Denzongpa) rules over the docks in Mumbai, treating his workers as slaves and killing anyone who dares to go against his despotic will. Despite his general dissatisfaction with this regime, Tiger (Amitabh Bachchan) the leader of workers extorts money from the workers for his father Pratap (Deepak Shirke), who in turn works as an enforcer for Bakhtawar and struggles to keep the peace between his son and his employer.

Tiger is in love with Jumma (Kimi Katkar) and the two have a rather stormy relationship, although we don’t get to see very much of them on-screen together. During one rebellion Tiger’s best friend Gonsalves (Romesh Sharma) is killed by Bakhtawar and in the subsequent fall-out Tiger’s father and step-mother also die, leaving two young step-brothers Kumar and Vijay in Tiger’s charge.

Tiger immediately sets out to kill Bakhtawar in revenge but is stopped by Inspector Girdhar (Anupam Kher) who has his own agenda, and has set up the whole situation by playing Gonsalves and his revolutionaries against Bakhtawar and his gang of thugs. Girdhar intercepts Tiger and convinces him to fulfil his dying step-mother’s wish and take care of his young brothers while leaving the police to deal with Bakhtawar. In the confusion Girdhar and his faithful sidekick Havaldar Arjun Singh(Annu Kapoor) break into Bakhtawar’s safe and steal everything. To cover up their crime they set fire to Bakhtawar’s house, killing his wife and children in the process. At the same time they arrest Bakhtawar and send him to jail. Tiger gets on the train, but Jumma refuses to come with them and she says to Tiger the children's future is important than their future and she will wait for him her whole life. Finally Girdhar blows up the train carrying Tiger and his brothers to eliminate any possible witnesses of his crime.

An older Tiger wakes up from the dream who goes by the name of Shekhar and is a respectable farmer and timber merchant in Ooty. Kumar (Rajnikanth) is a police officer and is married to Aarti (Deepa Sahi) with a young daughter Jyoti (Sanjana). The youngest brother Vijay (Govinda) is a student pursuing Anita (Shilpa Shirodkar), the beautiful daughter of General Rana Pratap Singh (Kader Khan). Neither of the two brothers seems to have any memory of their time in Mumbai and both regard their step-brother as a rather staid and authoritarian figure, whose rules they generally ignore.

The middle part of the film tends to drag as it concentrates on the unity of the family and a rather involved romance track with Vijay and Anita. Shekhar and his family likes Anitha and they decides to ask hands of her from her Parents. But they refuse the proposal and insults Shekhar and his family. Anitha's Parents decide to set Her Marriage and they take her to Bangalore. In the mean time Girdhar finds a man Chittor (Kader Khan) look alike Rana Pratap Singh as the original has refused to buy his tanks. He threatens Chittor to act as Rana Pratap. Shekhar advised Vijay to go and comeback with Anitha. Vijay reaches there, tries to go with Anitha and Rana Pratap agrees for marriage.

But things pick up when Bakhtawar is released from jail, still wearing his now rather grimy white suit, desperate for revenge on Tiger for the death of his family. He finds out that Tiger is alive as named Shekhar. He sends a letter to Aarti on behalf of her mother that she is very ill and want to meet her. On the way to Bangalore He kidnaps Aarti and Jyothi. Aarti's mom comes to Ooty that she also got a letter that Aarti had an accident. Vijay informs Kumar that Aarti and Jyothi didn't reach Bangalore. They decide to search both and reaches at Bangalore. There they get a call from Bhaktawar on the behalf of Tiger. Shekhar realises the situation and goes to Bombay. Giridhar ties Rana Pratap Singh and he gets information that Tiger escaped from the explosion.

Bhaktwar tells Aarti and Jyothi the truth about Shekhar and also tells Kumar on the Phone. Kumar goes to the police station and finds the true identity of Shekhar. In the mean time Shekhar arrives at Bombay and meets with Jumma. The goons sent by Giridhar, attack them and Shekhar beats them. He arrives at Giridhar's house and unties Rana Pratap Singh.

Shekhar comes back Bangalore with Jumma. Vijay enquires about Aarti and Jyothi. Kumar tells Vijay about Shekhar's true identity and misunderstands him. Shekhar got to know about Giridhar's evil plan. He walks out to rescue Aarti and Jyothi. Kumar shows the gun and asks him to stop. Vijay defends him and allows Shekhar to go. Kumar slaps Vijay and interrupted by Jumma. Jumma tells both brothers about their past.

Shekhar arrives at Baktawar's port and finds that Aarti and Jyothi are tied with bomb. He tells the entire truth to Baktawar which he disbelieves. At that time Giridhar arrives there and tells Baktawar the truth. Baktawar tries to attack Giridhar. Giridhar shoots Baktawar and threatens Shekhar. Kumar, Vijay, Jumma and Anitha arrive there. Kumar carries Aarti and drops her into the sea. Giridhar press the bomb's button which defuses. Kumar rescues Aarti jumping into the water. There happens a fight between Giridhar's men and the brothers. Giridhar tries to escape which is protested by Shekhar. The Army and Police arrive there and arrest the goons. Giridhar drags Jyoti and threatens everyone with pointing a gun. The shot Baktwar who is not dead ties a bomb over Giridhar's leg. Vijay grabs the gun, Kumar takes Jyoti and Shekhar throws Giridhar on the top of Baktawar. Both Baktawar and Giridhar die.


  • Genre: Action
  • Runtime: 171 mins
  • Director: Mukul S. Anand


Hum (Hindi: हम, English: We/Us) is a 1991 Hindi action crime film directed by Mukul S. Anand. It stars Amitabh Bachchan, Rajnikanth, Govinda, Kimi Katkar, Deepa Sahi, Shilpa Shirodkar, Danny Denzongpa, Anupam Kher and Kader Khan. This was the most successful film for the famous super star, Bachchan in the early '90s before he announced his temporary retirement (for five years) immediately after its release. He also won the Filmfare Best Actor Award for it in 1992. The film ranked second among the top grossers of 1991 at the box office and was declared a blockbuster hit. Mukul S. Anand had considered and discussed a potential scene for this movie with , where Amitabh Bachchan's character would help Govinda get a seat in the Police Academy. Anand discarded the scene, because he did not find it suitable. But felt the scene had the potential to develop into a script for a possible feature film.