Hulchul , India, 05 March 1971

Peter (O. P. Ralhan) & Kitty (Helen) love each other, but due to Peter's poverty, they are unable to marry each other. One day, during one secret rendezvous, Peter & Kitty accidentally overhear a conversation between a Mahesh Jetley & his paramour, where Mahesh tells her that he is soon going to bump his wife on a certain date. Peter & Kitty decide to foil this man's plans. However, there Even if they had, no one would believe their story.

Hence, the lovers decide to do a little investigation on their own. They find 3 Mahesh Jetley's. On some snooping, they find that each man is married & each of them has a crappy married life. To find their suspect, they devise a plan whereby they will stage an attack on each man's wife. Whoever the culprit is, will freak out & his identity will be revealed.

However, each of their attack goes awry & they get saved from being arrested each time, just by a whisker. The only positive outcome of this exercise is that they learn that each suspect is actually a man of fidelity. The lives of all the men come on track & love comes back into their lives. All the couples file a complaint in police station to find the culprit trying to break their marriage. The Inspector(Raza Murad) investigates all the cases thoroughly & finally nails Peter & Kitty. In a courtroom battle, the public prosecutor(Amrish Puri) claims that the duo tried to break the marriages to scoop some money for their own marriage. Peter finally tells the truth to the court. On hearing Peter's story, the public prosecutor asks the court for a half-hour break.

After the break ends, the prosecutor introduces a new witness - Kumar. Then, the prosecutor goes on to play back a tape, and Peter & Kitty are surprised to hear exactly the same conversation that they had heard. The prosecutor surprises the whole court by telling that Kumar is a director who directs plays for radio & that the "conversation" overheard by Peter & Kitty was actually aired on the radio that day.

After discovering the amusing truth behind the whole affair, a bemused judge asks all the Jetley couples to decide the punishment for Peter & Kitty. However, all the couples forgive & thank the duo, as they did what anybody else would have done & that their "crime" has brought 3 marriages back from the brink of disaster.

After the court is adjourned, Peter & Kitty are being escorted back by police where Peter sees a woman holding a portable radio that is airing the remaining part of Kumar's play. Peter asks the woman to switch off the radio, on which everybody nearby bursts into laughter.

  • Genre: Action
  • Runtime: 145 Minutes
  • Director: O. P. Ralhan


Hulchul is a 1971 Bollywood thriller film directed by O. P. Ralhan. The film stars Prem Chopra, Helen and Madan Puri.