Heer Raanjha

Heer Raanjha, India, 14 August 1970

  • Genre: Romantic
  • Runtime: 142 Minutes
  • Director: Chetan Anand
  • Awards: 1971: Filmfare Award Filmfare Best Cinematographer Award: Jal Mistry


Heer Raanjha (Hindi: हीर रांझा, Punjabi: ਹੀਰ ਰਾਂਝਾ, Urdu: ہیر رانجھا‎) is a 1970 Hindi film, produced by son Ketan Anand and directed by father Chetan Anand. The film stars Raaj Kumar, Priya Rajvansh, Pran, Prithviraj Kapoor, Ajit, Jayant, Sonia Sahni, Kamini Kaushal, Indrani Mukherjee, Achla Sachdev and Tun Tun. The film's music is by Madan Mohan.

The film is based on the legend of Heer Ranjha, the epic poem or Heer by Punjabi poet, Waris Shah, written in 1766. The film is unique in the fact that the entire film and its dialogue is in verse, Kaifi Azmi writing the verse dialogue.

The film's songs and music are notable as is the photography by Jal Mistry who shot most of Chetan Anand's films and won the Filmfare Award for the film. The film also showcases some of the best dialogues from the legendary actor Raaj Kumar.