Hanuman Patal Vijay

Hanuman Patal Vijay, India, 20 July 1951

The story is about Hanuman and his confrontations with The King of Patal, Ahiravan and his brother Mahiravan who have been asked by Ravan to kill Ram and Lakshman. The film follows Hanuman’s encounter with Makari the daughter of the sea who wants to marry him, but instead through the swallowing of a bead of his sweat she gives birth to Makardhwaj who guards the gates of Patal (Hell) where Ram and Lakshman are taken when kidnapped. Hanuman gets the better of Makardhwaj and rescues Ram and Lakshman. A major battle ensues and Ahiravan and Mahiravan are killed, but somehow they keep regenerating. Hanuman manages to find out the secret of their regeneration and puts a stop to it with the help of Ahiravan’s wife Chandrasena.

  • Genre: Thriller
  • Runtime: 153 Minutes
  • Director: Homi Wadia
  • Awards: Films directed by Homi Wadia - 1951


Hanuman Patal Vijay (Hindi: हनुमान पाताल विजय, "Hanuman's Victory Over Hell") is a 1951 Hindi mythological film directed by Homi Wadia for his Basant Pictures banner. Meena Kumari starred in this devotional film with S. N. Tripathi playing the role of Hanuman. Following her career as a child actress Meena Kumari did heroine roles in mythologies made by Basant Pictures and directed by Homi Wadia. She had an extremely successful career for some years playing goddesses before her big commercial break in Baiju Bawra (1951). S. N. Tripathi besides acting in the film also composed the music. His costars were Meena Kumari, Mahipal, Niranjan Sharma, Dalpat and Amarnath.

The story was about Hanuman’s devotion to Ram and his battle with the two demon brothers Ahiravan and Mahiravan.