Gumnaam, Heard Island and McDonald Islands, 06 February 1965

After murdering a rich man named Sohanlal and covering it up as a car accident, a man named Khanna, who ordered the hit, is murdered as well, by someone he is shocked to see. It is revealed that Sohanlal's murder was actually a conspiracy of many people, also unknown. Before dying, Khanna has told the news of Sohanlal's death to his niece Asha. Some days later, seven people, including Asha, win a trip to an island in a chartered plane, courtesy a lucky draw in a gala. The others winners are one Barrister Rakesh, one Dharamdas, one Kishan, one Dr. Acharya, one Madhusudan Sharma and one Kitty Kelly. The seven people go to the island, with one Anand, who happens to be a crew member in the chartered plane.

Suddenly, the plane develops a snag, causing it to cause an emergency landing. Along with Anand, all the winners leave the plane, along with their personal belongings. However, everyone is amazed when the plane suddenly starts and the pilot flies away, stranding them on the island. Unable to understand what is happening, everybody tries to scout the place unsuccessfully. Suddenly, a woman starts singing an ominous song. Partly trying to find the woman and partly trying to find the place where they were supposed to stay, they finally reach their destination, where they meet the butler. Later on the dinner table, Dharamdas spots a diary, which seems innocuous to him, but Anand's facial expressions grow serious on reading the diary's contents.

  • Genre: Thriller
  • Director: Raja Nawathe
  • Awards: Filmfare Nomination for Best Supporting Actress – Helen, Filmfare Nomination for Best Supporting Actor – Mehmood, Filmfare Best Art Direction Award – Colour Movie – S.S. Samel


Gumnaam (translation: Unknown or Anonymous) is a 1965 Indian suspense thriller film[1] directed by Raja Nawathe, starring Manoj Kumar, Nanda, Pran, Helen and Mehmood. The film is an adaptation of the book And then there were none by Agatha Christie. The film became a box office hit. The music for the film was composed by Shankar-Jaikishan.


The film came to wider attention in the Western World when its opening song "Jaan Pehechan Ho" (a Hindi phrase roughly translated as "We should get to know each other") was in the opening credits of Ghost World and in the 2011 commercial "The Date" for Heineken. It is sung by Bollywood legend Mohammed Rafi, although he is not the man depicted onscreen. The main dancer is Laxmi Chhaya. The group "Ted Lyons and his Cubs" playing the song can also be seen in 1964 film Jaanwar playing "Dekho Ab To" (a cover version of I Want to Hold Your Hand by the Beatles) and Tasveer (starring Feroz Khan), Love Marriage (starring Dev Anand), Bedaag (starring Manoj Kumar), Shehnai, and Mere Sanam (both starring Vishwajeet), also featuring dancer Oscar Unger. The psychedelic choreography was by Herman Benjamin, who is also singing the song onscreen.[clarification needed]