Ghar Sansar

Ghar Sansar, India, 11 July 1986

Prakash, educated yet unemployed youth, struggles to find a job, his father Satya Narain is a head clerk, has a large family consisting of two sons, two daughters, wife and old mother. The dream child of this family is the eldest son Prakash, but in this era of rampant corruption, Prakash fails to get a respectable job and joins an iron smith and starts believing indignity of labour. His younger brother Chandan proves to be a black sheep and joins a gang of rowdies. Satya Narain manages further loan to marry the eldest daughter which is stolen by his brother-in-law who had come to live like a parasite and demanded his balance dowry. Satya Narain dies of a heart attack and the burden of the family falls on Prakash's shoulders and now he is now given a chance to pay off his father's debts by selling their only possession, their house. The maidservant Radhika always stood by this family through thick and thin who is in love with Prakash. The elder daughter runs away from the house though she is the sole cause of the untold misery which had befallen the family. Prakash anyhow searches her and marries her. Then it is suddenly revealed that Radhika is the daughter of a very rich man and had left her house due to ego problem with her father. Chandan, the black sheep makes all attempts to destroy his own family. Prakash faces these onslaughts bravely. And one day, when Chandan's own rowdy friends want to kill him and his elder brother Prakash, saves him then his eyes open.

  • Genre: Romantic
  • Runtime: 144 minutes
  • Director: K. Bapaiah


Ghar Sansar (English: House - Family) is a 1986 Indian Bollywood drama film, produced by Vimal Kumar on Shivam Chitrya banner, directed by K. Bapaiah . Starring Jeetendra,Sridevi in the lead roles and music composed by Rajesh Roshan. The film is remake of Telugu Movie Maga Maharaju (1983), starring Chiranjeevi, Suhasini in pivotal roles.[1]