Gangster, India


Gangster (Hindi: गैंगस्टर)[1] is a 1994 Hindi film. The movie starred Dev Anand as the protagonist of the story. It also starred Mamta Kulkarni and Manu Gargi as the romantic pair of the movie.

The story[2][3] is about a priest, Father Ferriera ( played by Dev Anand), who unwittingly becomes a witness to the rape and murder of a village woman by the rich man of the village, Chandulal Seth( played by Ajit). Father Ferriera is framed for the crime by Chandulal Seth and is sent to the jail instead. During the jail time spent Father Ferriera develops a good friendship with some of the jail mates. On release from the jail, he along with his former jail mates decide on taking revenge with Chandulal Seth who is now one of the richest jewelers of the world.