First Love Letter

First Love Letter, India, 13 September 1991


First Love Letter is a Pahlaj Nihalani film in which Vivek Mushran and Manisha Koirala made their original debut in a romance and action scenario showing that love transcends all barriers . Since Subhash Ghai was introducing the stars in Saudagar (1991 film), Pahlaj Nihalani had to wait for the release of his film, which was completed before Saudagar.

The story opens with Radha, Manisha Koirala wanting more from life then just being a rich heiress to her father Thakur Ajit Singh’s, Danny Denzongpa fortunes and wants to relocate from her home to the hilly locales of Palampur, where her father has a house. This is not liked by her father, but he has to relent due to the intervention of his younger brother Thakur Shrikant Singh played by Dalip Tahil, who is living the life of a recluse after the murder of his lady love Kasturi.

In the hilly locales, Radha is mesmerized one day to the melodies of the flute, which she follows and meets Shyam, Vivek Mushran, who also saves her life when she is about to fall in the deep gorges of the valleys. They meet again and slowly develop a bond of inseparable love, both being drawn to each other’s youth and simplicity. Radha does not disclose her true identity, at first and when Shyam comes to know that she is the daughter of Thakur Ajit Singh, he feels cheated as he considers him to be a tyrant landlord. To top it, Thakur Ajit Singh also dislikes this growing intimacy between a local milk seller which is the profession of Shyam and his only daughter. So he fixes the marriage of his daughter to Thakur Ambar Singh, Chunky Pandey.

Meanwhile Radha is attacked by a seasoned killer Bheema, Gulshan Grover, who wants to molest her, but is timely saved by Thakur Ambar Singh, who also now falls in love with her. His mother Uma Devi, Sushma Seth makes him all the more happy when she tells him that Radha was the same girl that she has fixed his marriage with. This alliance when revealed to Radha by her father and mother Beena Banerjee, is rejected by her , but she is forcibly married to Thakur Ambar Singh. Radha on her part leaves the marriage ceremony in complete and tells Thakur Ambar Singh that she loved Shyam and had secretly married him.