Fateh, India

Anand is a major in Military. Ranvir, Karan and Salim are his best commandos. During a military operation against Samrat (Arms Dealer and Drug Mafia), Anand lost his leg and is forced to retire. He returns to his home-town and opens a garage. One day Samrat and his gang members kill handicapped Anand.

Karan, Rajvir and Salim decides to take revenge. They start making inquiries and find out that Samrat is responsible for Anand's death. The trio decide to destroy Samrat's empire and kill him.


Fateh (Hindi: फ़तेह, "Victory"[1]) is a 1991 Hindi film directed by Talat Jani, starring Sanjay Dutt and Sonam as leads. It is an action drama movie.