Ek Tha Raja

Ek Tha Raja, India, 15 June 1951

A King's (Serukalathur Sama) mistress (Anjali Devi) usurps his power and casts him adrift in a river. The two princes of the kingdom (Sahasranamam and MGR) are denied their birthright. The deposed king wanders the country in the guise of a sage. The younger prince (MGR) leads a popular rebellion against the usurper-queen and restores the kingdom to his father.

  • Genre: Action
  • Runtime: 175 Minutes
  • Director: K. Ramnoth


Ek Tha Raja (English: Once Upon A Time, There Was King) is a 1951 Tamil film directed by K. Ramnoth and starring M. G. Ramachandran (MGR) and M. N. Nambiar. The screen play was written by A. S. A. Sami based on a Marie Corelli novel. This film cemented the onscreen image of MGR as a social rebel and fighter for justice. It was also made in Hindi (as Ek tha Raja) at the same time. It was the first Tamil film to receive an "A" (Adults Only) certificate from the film censor board.