Do Raaste

Do Raaste, India, 05 December 1969

  • Genre: Romantic
  • Runtime: 165 Minutes
  • Director: Raj Khosla
  • Awards: Filmfare Best Story Award-Chandrakant Kakodkar


Do Raaste (Hindi: दो रास्ते, Two roads) is a 1969 Indian Hindi film directed by Raj Khosla. It stars Rajesh Khanna as the dutiful son and Mumtaz as his love interest. Balraj Sahni and Kamini Kaushal play the eldest son and his wife. Prem Chopra plays the wayward son with Bindu as his wife who creates disputes.

The story was based on the trials and tribulations of a lower-middle-class family. It placed emphasis on respect for elders, the paramount status of the mother, the sanctity of the joint family and the supremacy of relations that are stronger than ties of blood.

The film became a blockbuster at the box office.