Dil Ka Kya Kasoor

Dil Ka Kya Kasoor, India, 24 January 1992

Shalini (Divya Bharti) is sister of a rich businessman, Rajesh Saxena (Suresh Oberoi). She is in love with her classmate, Arun Kumar (Prithvi), who is an orphan. But she doesn't tell Arun about this because he doesn't like her; he thinks Shalini has is spoiled rich girl. When Rajesh comes to know about his sister's love, he goes to meet Arun, only to find out that he is an orphan and is living in an apartment, since he doesn't have a house of his own.

Rejesh tells Shalini that he will only arrange her marriage to Arun if he finds a better job. Shalini knows that Arun is a good singer because he often sings at College functions. She tells her friend, Madhu, to start up a music company and encourage Arun to become a singer. She starts writing songs for Arun but prefers to remains anonymous. Arun buys these songs from an editor, Mr. Verma, who tells him that these songs are written by a girl called Seema. Through her songs, he becomes popular and wealthy virtually overnight.

Finally, Shalini's brother gets ready to get her married to Arun, but he finds out that Arun has married the principal's daughter, Meena (Sanam). Shalini then decides to remain unmarried for the rest of her life. Her health gradually deteriorates and she is hospitalized. Mr. Verma tells Arun that Seema has cancer and is in the hospital. He goes to the hospital, only to find out that Seema is none other than Shalini. He tells her wife about Shalini and they go to hospital together, but on arrival discover that she has already died.


Dil Ka Kya Kasoor (translation: What is the crime of heart, is a 1992 Bollywood film starring Divya Bharti and Prithvi. The music of the film, from duo Nadeem-Shravan, was an instant hit due to its catchy melodies. The film failed to do well at the box office.[1]