Deewaangee, India, 20 August 1976


After the passing away of his widowed mother, Shekhar, lives a poor lifestyle, and runs a garage along with his much younger friend, Birju; dislikes women, and has stopped worshiping God. When Birju introduces him to Kanchan, a runaway, he refuses to have to do anything with her, but when he finds out that her uncle, Shivraj, has offered a reward for her return, decides to befriend her and both fall in love. Kanchan herself notifies her uncle, who arrives, but returns after permitting her to marry Shekhar. The two get married and soon birth to Baabla, and the trio live a fairly harmonious lifestyle. Their idyllic lifestyle is shattered when Shekhar is given a suitcase by his friend, Bill, who eventually ends up dead. Shekhar opens the suitcase, finds it contains stolen diamonds, and decides to keep them much to Kanchan's displeasure. Shekhar does not know that soon Baabla and then Kanchan will be abducted by two different gangs, headed by Munne Khan and George respectively, and that.