Daughter of Sindbad

Daughter of Sindbad, India, 17 January 1958

As Sinbad the Sailor was returning home with a shipload of treasures, he vanished and was presumed as lost in the wilderness. His daughter Shabnam (Nadira) set out to search for him, and when she reached the "Island of Halem Alah", she ran befoul of the island's King who was himself under control of his own Vizier. She and the king's heir fall in love as it develops that Sinbad was a captive of the Vizier. Vizier had been torturing Sinbad to learn the secrets of his treasure.


Daughter of Sinbad or Sindbad ki Beti is a 1958 Indian Hindi-language film directed by Ratilal. It stars Nadira, Paidi Jairaj, Pran, Kamal Kapoor, S. N. Tripathi, Jeevankala. It had music by Chitragupta, with lyrics penned by Prem Dhawan and Anjum Jaipuri.It was produced by Starland Productions.