Cinema Cinema

Cinema Cinema , India, 15 June 1979

  • Genre: Thriller
  • Director: Krishna Shah


Director Shah Krishna compiled this compelling documentary of Indian cinema after spending two years searching through film archives from all over the world. Included are films from the turn of the 20th century through the 1970s to illustrate various schools of filmmaking and the historical progression of the art form.

This cannot be said movie, but a nice documentary on Indian Films. Krisha Shah has done a brilliant job in collection of masterpiece of Indian cinema, Specially Hindi Films. Cinema Cinema gives you the inside history of Films and system of film making in India. I liked this movie because he has put it as simple and focused on the masala era of Hindi movies. We all know 70's is the golden era of Hindi Film Industry, at least that time it was not called "Bollywood". Documentary is collection of clipping of the movies released from 1905 to 1978. Narrated by stars of 70's Amitabh, Dhamendra, hema and Zeenat Aman. each and every segment is properly covered, my recommendation everyone should watch this docu-movie. A sub-plot also runs with this documentary where various character sitting in a old kind of Indian theater and enjoying this documentary, that is rare in Multiplex era.