Chhailla Babu

Chhailla Babu, India, 20 April 1977

A suspense thriller, Chhaila Babu was the yesteryear actor Joy Mukherjee's second and only successful film as a director.

Rita, played by Zeenat, is vacationing in snowy mountain in Kashmir. Rita is a ski champion. A warning sign on the slopes is chopped down by an unseen person, and Rita skis blithely on into danger. She’s rescued by a local ski guide, who shows up again minutes later as a carriage driver.When she asks him who he really is, he responds with a song: “Main Chhaila Babu”.

Chhaila Babu had first posed as a skiing lifeguard and then as a tangewala. Meanwhile in Bombay, Rita's gangster dad is murdered while trying to run away with a suitcase that has cash worth Rs 80 lakhs. A policeman curiously reaches the murder scene, and the dying dad murmurs a number into his ear - 77203. With no sign of the suitcase and suspecting the dreaded 'Scorpion' to be behind the crime, the police call Rita to Mumbai.

When he drops her off at her hostel, a CBI Inspector (Om Shivpuri) is waiting for her. He tells her about her father’s murder and asks her about the money. She’s distraught but knows nothing, and he asks her to return to Bombay to help the CBI in their investigation. At the airport observing her arrival are the gang and—Chhaila Babu, wearing a medal around his neck. Macmohan attacks Rita at her home and suddenly Chhaila Babu steps in to save her.Macmohan sees his Scorpion medal, and both men flee. Chhaila Babu tenderly administers to Rita’s wounds and kisses her.He tells her that he loves her and wants to marry her, and if she hands over the robbery money he’ll take it to the police for her—otherwise he’s afraid she’ll be killed for it. Rita sees a diamond necklace hanging out of one of his pockets, and tells him furiously to get out. He tells her that society has made him a thief; that it robbed him of his family and left him with nothing to live for except vengeance, but she’s unsympathetic.

Rita finds Chhaila in Mumbai again, this time as a taxi driver.He tells her that her words the night before have changed him.He tells her about his past.Meanwhile, the police and the CBI Inspector are pretty sure that Chhaila Babu is Scorpion, but they need evidence.He takes her to a nightclub and there he starts flirting with Lily. The club happens to belong to Ranjit, and Macmohan is there too; he recognizes Chhaila Babu as Scorpion. As he tells Ranjit who Chhaila Babu really is?

But she is soon told that the man with many disguises could be the Scorpion, who could be her dad's killer. A furious Rita now gets determinedto kill Chhailla but then rest of the story is all about who is Chhailla Babu, why he is behind the girl, how he was in Kashmir when Rita had been there too? Does he really love Rita or is he just using her? And where is the 80 lakhs rupees from the Southern Bank robbery.

  • Genre: Romantic
  • Runtime: 146 Minutes
  • Director: Joy Mukherjee


Chhailla Babu (Alternate name: Chhaila Babu)(English language: Cool Guy) is a suspense thriller, 1977 Bollywood film. Produced by Shomu Mukherjee and directed by Joy Mukherjee. Rajesh Khanna plays the title role of Chhailla Babu. It stars Zeenat Aman, Asrani, Om Shivpuri and Ranjeet. The film's music is by Laxmikant Pyarelal. It had collections of 4 crores in 1977.The film became a superhit.