Char Dervesh

Char Dervesh, India, 14 February 1964

Three Derveshes are praying at a shrine, each has a wish to fulfil but that can’t happen till a fourth one arrives. A white horse appears with a rider, and it is the fourth Dervesh who is seeking to reedeem himself. His name is Qamar (Feroz Khan). Qamar has been a care-free person getting into trouble for his innocent misdeeds and basically a source of worry for his two covetous brothers. He sees the beautiful princess Nargis Bano (Sayeeda Khan) and falls in love with her. However he’s caught by the palace guards and whipped and sent to exile. His brothers throw him off the ship they are travelling in and he lands in an underwater sea kingdom. He sees a Woman turned to stone up to her neck. There is another princess, Hamida, imprisoned there by an evil magician. The stone woman turns out to be the mother of the two princesses and she wants Qamar to marry the imprisoned princess. This makes the magician angry and Qamar’s skin is turned black and he meets the other three derveshes. The problem with the skin gets better. He’s now in a dilemma as he has to decide which princess to marry. Several action and chase scenes follow with sword fighting and flying on magic carpets to rescue the princess and finally marry the one he loves.

  • Genre: Action
  • Runtime: 155 Minutes
  • Director: Homi Wadia


Char Dervesh (Four Seekers) is a 1964 Hindi/Urdu action fantasy film directed by Homi Wadia for Basant Pictures. The film was produced by Wadia Brothers and its music composer was G. S. Kohli. Feroz Khan acted in several "small-budge" costume films like Homi Wadia's Char Dervesh as hero, before he became popular as second lead and later as hero, producer and director in mainstream cinema. The film starred Feroz Khan, Sayeeda Khan, Naaz, B. M. Vyas, Mukri and Sunder.

The fantasy film revolves around Qamar who is in love with the princess Nargis Banu and his adventures that follow in an attempt to rescue the princess' sister Hamida.