Chalte Chalte

Chalte Chalte, India, 09 April 1976

Geeta and a young man are in love and want to marry. Unfortunately the young man tragically passes away, leaving behind a devastated and shocked Geeta, who eventually loses her senses and is confined to a mental hospital. Years later, Geeta recovers and is discharged, only to find that the man she thought was dead is still alive, calls himself Ravi, and is in love with a lovely young woman named Asha. Unable to deal with this, Geeta decides to make Ravi her own. When she fails, she is re-confined in the mental hospital. Ravi decides to travel abroad, leaving Asha alone. It is then Geeta escapes, gains entry into the house, and tries to do away with Asha, who she believes is the real cause of why her lover has lost interest in her. Geeta tries to kill Asha but is ultimately killed by falling off the roof. The film ends with Ravi consoling Asha. The background music 'Chalte Chalte' plays.

  • Genre: Romantic
  • Runtime: 117 Minutes
  • Director: Sunder Dar


Chalte Chalte (Hindi: चलते चलते) is a 1976 Indian Bollywood film directed by Sunder Dar and produced by Bhisham Kohli. It stars Vishal Anand (Bisham Kohli's screen name) and Simi Garewal in pivotal roles. The film was noted for its songs by Bappi Lahiri, and title song, "Chalte Chalte", sung Kishore Kumar was part of the Binaca Geetmala annual list 1976. Music by Universal.