Boond Jo Ban Gayee Moti

Boond Jo Ban Gayee Moti, India, 10 March 1967

The story is told in a flashback with Satyaprakash (Jeetendra) reliving his past life in the village as a teacher. Satyaprakash's parents give him the task of looking after his younger brother, Mahesh (Akashdeep), before they die. Shefali (Mumtaz) is a village girl who falls in love with him. Satya is a teacher who honours truth and uses new teaching methods in school for which he continously gets into trouble with the school Board and the principal (Nana Palsikar). He sends Mahesh to the city to study further in college. However, Mahesh turns out to be a spoilt brat who enjoys drinking and romancing girls. He fails his exams but fools his brother by giving him a wrong roll number. He has fallen in love with Renuka (Vaishali) and when she gets pregnant, he kills her. Satyaprakash is arrested for her murder. With Shefali's help Satya manages to find the real murderer, his brother, and he hands him over to the police. §

  • Genre: Thriller
  • Runtime: 151 Minutes
  • Director: V. Shantaram


Boond Jo Ban Gayee Moti (The Drop That Became a Pearl) is a 1967 Hindi social crime drama film directed by V. Shantaram. The film was produced by Shantaram Productions under his Rajkamal Kalamandir banner and had music by Satish Bhatia with lyrics written by Bharat Vyas. The story, screenplay and dialogue were written by Virendra Sinha and the cinematographer was V. Avadhoot. The film starred Jeetendra, Mumtaz, Nana Palsikar, Lalita Pawar, Akash Deep and Vaishali.

The film revolves around an honest schoolteacher Satyaprakash (Jeetendra), who gets implicated in a murder committed by his brother (Akash Deep). Mumtaz plays the village girl in love with Satyaprakash, and who helps him get acquitted.