Biwi Ho To Aisi

Biwi Ho To Aisi, India, 26 August 1988

The story is a family drama that revolves around the lead pair played by Rekha and Farooq Shaikh who play a married couple. It's about how the character Shalu overcomes all obstacles in her married life to win over the acceptance of her domineering mother-in-law Kamla.

  • Genre: Romantic
  • Runtime: 149 minutes
  • Director: T. Rama Rao


Biwi Ho To Aisi (Hindi: बीवी हो तो ऐसी, Urdu: بیوی ہو تو ایسی‎, "A wife should be like this") is a 1988 film, directed and written by J.K. Bihari. The music was scored by the duo of Laxmikant-Pyarelal.