Bhookamp, India, 15 June 2016

Prof. Ajay Saxena, played by Jeetendra, is a common man with a strong streak of honesty, who arrives in the city of Mumbai, and joins as a Psychology professor in a college run by Mahendra Khanna, played by Navin Nischol. One day he berates a student Jaggi aka Jagdish, for his unruly behavior, unknowingly that Jaggi was the nephew of Ramniklal and Mahesh Shah, who controlled the drug trade in the city, under the protection of a Don Daya Patil alias Mohan Joshi. Ajay stays as a paying guest with Mrs. DSa whose son Johnny is an ideal student for him. Jaggi takes his revenge by turning Johnny into a drug addict and getting him killed by a drug overdose. Then the entire locality is witness to the slit throat gory murder of Mrs. DSa on the crime infested Mumbai streets, by gangster Daya Patil. Ajay cannot do anything and loses his hope in the due process of law, though his ex-student Inspector Rahul Singh alias Rahul Roy, keeps assuring him to the contrary.

Satyajeet Anand is an editor of a newspaper, "The New Daily Times", portrayed by Suresh Oberoi, who is always hell-bent in exposing the criminals, dissuaded by his wife Pooja alias Deepa Sahi, who fears their wrath. He helps Ajay in knowing who are the people, who are corrupting the society, but is brutally murdered by them. His sister Kavita played by Mamta Kulkarni, thereafter is publicly disrobed in the college library by drug peddler Jaggi. Ajay does not keep quiet now, and refuses to be a mere spectator to the heinous crime that Illegal drug trade is. He wrecks havoc in bloody revenge, by eliminating all the anti-social elements from the society. However in the end, he is punished by the courts, with life imprisonment, for taking the law, in to his own hands.

  • Genre: Action
  • Runtime: 144 minutes


Bhookamp (English: Earthquake) is a 1993 Indian Bollywood Action film produced by Markand Adhikari on Sri Adhikari Brothers banner and directed by Gautam Adhikari. It stars Jeetendra, Rahul Roy, Mamta Kulkarni and Deepa Sahi in pivotal roles and music composed by Jatin Lalit.[1] This was the debut movie for villain Mohan Joshi, prior to that he had worked with Marathi movies. Bhookamp is a crime thriller, made on the International Drug cartel, Syndicate, operating in India, through Extortion, in local parlance, "Supari" killers.[2]