Bharosa, India, 15 March 1963

Ronaklal (Kanhaiyalal) is the servant of a rich man who suffering from tuberculosis and believing himself to be on the point of death, gives Ronaklal a large sum of money to look after his little son, Bansi. Ronaklal moves to a village with his wife, son and Bansi where he brings up Bansi as a menial. Bansi (Guru Dutt) is simple and good-hearted while Ronaklal’s son, Deepak (Sudesh Kumar), though sent to the city for education, pursues a rich man's daughter (Neena). Bansi falls in love with a village belle, Gomati (Asha Parekh) but Ronaklal tries to put obstacles in their marriage. However in due time all ends well.