Balwaan, India, 11 September 1992

Balwaan is a 1992 Hindi language Indian feature film directed by Deepak Anand. The film has Sunil Shetty [1][2] as the leading man and this was the first release for him, as the original launchpad Ek Aur Faulad [3] was dropped. Divya Bharti play female lead and Danny Denzongpa play antagonist. The film was a box-office hit.

  • Genre: Action
  • Runtime: 142 min


Arjun Singh (Sunil Shetty) comes from a very poor family. He lives in a small and shabby tenement with his mom and sister. He was studying in a college where he fall in love with Deepa (Divya Bharti). One day he attacked a pollice officer and was jailed. Deepa save him from jail with the help of her father (Tinnu Anand), who is a Police Commisner. Deepa's father want Arjun to join police as he say the department need some honest officers. He join police and was sent to another city where the original police inspector was killed by the goons. He go the city along with his Mother and Sister. This puts him into conflict with Bhai (Danny Denzongpa), a notorious gangster. In order to teach Arjun a lesson, Bhai orders people in this community to stop interacting with Arjun and his family, and as a result the three are alienated. His sister is raped, and his mother passes away. Then Bhai has Arjun captured and chained. But Arjun manages to escape, only to find that he has been framed for murder and is arrested by the police.