Balidaan, India, 20 March 1985

Inspector Vijay (Jeetendra) lives a wealthy lifestyle in Bombay along with his aunt while his father retired Major Prem Kishan (Shammi Kapoor) lives in the countryside in a farmhouse. Vijay meets and falls in love with Uma (Sridevi), who leaves opposite to his house along with her father, Jag Mohan (Pinchoo Kapoor) and her mother Janki (Shubha Khote). When Jag Mohan finds out that Uma and Vijay are in love he forbids her to see him, but subsequently relents when she takes poison. Both Vijay and Uma get married and shortly thereafter give birth to a girl Pinky. After sometime Vijay has been specially appointed by government to catch dangerous, deadly criminal Badey (Kader Khan) who is ahead of a bandit's gang, once they stop a wedding party bus on the Bombay-Poona Highway, loot, sexually molest females, and kill several passengers, Vijay is successful in arresting of the gangsters a Hotel Manager named Ranga, who colluded with the bandits, but Advocate Ghaswala (Asrani) defends him and gets him acquitted resulting in the killing of the only eye-witness, a 10-year-old boy. In retaliation, Vijay beats up and kills Ranga, which results to his suspension. Then Vijay starts getting threats and has a bomb planted in his house. The panic-stricken family flee to the farmhouse, but bandits locate them there also and forcibly abduct Uma and Pinky after assaulting Prem Kishan. Vijay must now rush to save his wife and daughter, but he could able save only his daughter, Uma dies by falling under the train. Now Vijay decides to take revenge against Badey and his gang, he eliminates them one by one and finally, surrenders him to the judiciary.

  • Genre: Action
  • Runtime: 136 minutes


Balidaan (English: Sacrifice) is a 1985 Bollywood, Action film produced by Salim on Aftab Pictures Pvt Ltd banner, directed by S.A.Chandra Shekaran.[2] Starring Jeetendra, Sridevi in the lead roles and music composed by Bappi Lahari.[3][4] The film is remake of Telugu Movie Balidanam (1982), starring Sobhan Babu, Madhavi in pivotal roles.[5]