Bada Kabutar

Bada Kabutar, India, 15 June 1973

Mama Rampuri (Ashok Kumar) comes from a long line of criminals and is contemplating his latest for which he plans to enlist the services of his nephew Bhola (Deven Varma). Bhola however has had quite a few bad experiences with Mama and has been in and out of prison seven times trying to carry out Mama's mostly disastrous robbery plans.His mother (Leela Mishra) however doesn't listen to his pleas of wanting to live an honest life selling bananas or banyans and tries to inspire him by narrating the glorious deeds of his late father (her husband) who went to the prison no less than seventeen times and yet never complained. She has a heart ailment pretty soon which lands her in a hospital and poor Bhola needs a large amount of money for her treatment. He reluctantly joins hands with Mama who recruits club dancer Rita (Rehana Sultan) alongside his trustworthy gang members Abdul Keshto Mukherjee and others to plan the heist of kidnapping the only son of millionaire businessman cum antisocial smuggler Seth Dharamdas (Pinchoo Kapoor). There is also Mama's old nemesis Ghaffoor (Madan Puri) who tries to thwart his plans and harm him at all stages. Will Mama Rampuri and his team be able to successfully pull off the planned heist? Will Bhola be able to save his ailing mother in time or will he end up in prison for the eighth time? And why is Mama's car called Bada Kabutar (Big Pigeon) anyway? To find out, watch the movie.

  • Genre: Action
  • Director: Deven Verma


Bada Kabutar (meaning "Big Pigeon") is a 1973 Bollywood action comedy film produced and directed by Deven Verma.