Asha Jyoti

Asha Jyoti, India, 16 April 1984

Ramesh Chander, a businessman, asks his son Deepak, a musician, if he would marry his childhood friend Asha, but Deepak keeps declining this idea. Deepak falls in love with one of his fans named Jyot, a dancer, and he informs his parents by telegram that he has chosen a girl. Deepak promises to pay off the debts owed by Jyoti's father. But when Deepak reaches his home in Bombay, he finds that Ramesh has committed suicide due to bankruptcy. Ramesh expresses his last wish that his second wife and her daughter be taken care of. Deepak is delayed in Bombay and is unable to return to Kashmir.

In Kashmir, the Jyot's creditor asks Jyoti's father for money and Jyoti expresses her inability to pay, so the creditor warns Jyoti's father. When Deepak does arrive at Jotyi's house, her father lies that he has married her off to the creditor. Deepak is heartbroken and returns home.

Seth Badri Prasad, a rich man and childhood friend of Ramesh, bails Deepak out from bankruptcy, gets Ramesh's creditors to not to file suit against Deepak and auction the bunglow that he would buy. Deepak feels indebted to Prasad. Badri Prasad had been forcing his friend Ramesh Chander to ask Deepak to marry Asha, daughter of Badri Prasad. After Deepak returns to Bombay, his mother suggests him that he should now get settled in his life and bring some happiness in his life and so marries Asha. During the wedding, Deepak observes a woman similar to Jyoti. Deepak searches for the Jyoti lookalike and finds the woman was Jyoti

Now Deepak knows that Jyoti was not married to Hukumchand and that her father had lied to him. Jyoti had come to Bombay in search of Deepak and tells him that she is the mother of Deepak's child. Deepak decides to end his marriage with Asha and to tell Asha the truth, but Jyoti insists that Asha would not be able to remarry as society might discard her. Jyoti asks Deepak to act as if they had never met and be a loyal husband of Asha, so that Jotyi can take care of Deepak's child.

Later Jyoti becomes a popular dance teacher in her city. Asha decides to learn dancing form Jyotiand they become close friends. Asha discloses that her husband is not loving her and he does not even come close to her. Jyoti visits Asha's home and learns that Asha is none other than Deepak's wife. Jyoti tells Deepak to be a true husband to Asha and give Asha the pleasures of married life.

Asha learns that Jyoti and Deepak were lovers before her marriage to Deepak and suspects they are having an affair. Asha found that Deepak and Jyoti are well wishers of Asha, are innocent and victims of the unpredictable nature of fate. After coming to know the truth, Asha and Jyoti decide to sacrifice their respective lives to let the other live a nice happy married life with Deepak.


  • Genre: Romantic
  • Runtime: 130 minutes
  • Director: Dasari Narayana Rao


Asha Jyoti is a Hindi film starring Rajesh Khanna, Reena Roy and Rekha. The film was directed by Dasari Narayana Rao, who had also directed Aaj Ka M.L.A. Ram Avtar with Khanna in the lead role and music was given by Laxmikant Pyarelal. The film grossed 1.75 crores at the box office in 1984 and was a commercial success.[1] It received three stars in the Bollywood guide Collections.