Anubhav - 1986

139 minutes, India

Ramesh (Shekhar Suman) works in a company in city. He gets to know that he is due to marry Gauri (Padmini Kolhapure) who he knows since childhood and also likes her. Gauri lives in village with her mother and a younger brother. Though Gauri has grown adult but her habits and manners are still childish. Bijli (Richa Sharma) is a mature village belle and likes Ramesh. Unlike Gauri, Bijli is gorgeous, vivacious and understands the needs of an adult man. She is aware of marriage of Ramesh and Gauri but she has her plans. When Ramesh comes to village, he finds Gauri to be immature and naive. Gauri doesn't reciprocate the desires of Ramesh. Then Ramesh marries Gauri but even after marriage things don't change and much to the dismay of Ramesh, he is not able to consummate. Bijli comes to know about this. She titillates Ramesh towards her and Ramesh now can't control himself. They start making love during their clandestine meetings. During one such meeting Gauri sees them making love, Gauri realises her mistake and repents. She wants to correct her mistake but next day Ramesh leaves for city to resume his job. Now Gauri is alone and she can't live without Ramesh. In the meantime, Bijli reaches city and Ramesh and Bijli start living together as husband-wife there. After some days Bijli starts getting bored of Ramesh as he doesn't spend money on Bijli. During these days, Bijli meets Amit (Rakesh Roshan) who lives in the neighbour and he also has a bike. Amit is a singer in a hotel. Bijli starts meeting Amit in the absence of Ramesh. Then Ramesh also starts to realise that Bijli is becoming a burden on him. One day Ramesh finds out about Bijli and Amit, he throws Bijli out of his house. Bijli leaves the house but Amit accepts Bijli and she goes with him. In the meantime Gauri and his uncle comes to city to search Ramesh as he has not replied to their letters, but they can't find him and returns to village dejectedly. On reaching village they find Ramesh in the house and now Gauri and Ramesh are together.


Anubhav is a 1986 Bollywood romantic comedy movie starring Shekhar Suman, Padmini Kolhapure, Richa Sharma, directed by Kashinath. The movie did not get much reception on release but the film is notable for steamy scenes between Shekhar Suman and Richa Sharma. Film also has light comedy scenes. Rakesh Roshan did a guest appearance in the movie. This film is the Hindi remake of 1984 Kannada film Anubhava (film) in which Kashinath, director of hindi version, played the lead role.