Annadata, India, 28 January 1972

Amba Prasad, a rich man is supposed to have died in a car crash and all 'relatives' gather to find out how much they can inherit. A poor girl he literally brought up like a daughter claims to be carrying his baby under pressure from her greedy parents. However, it turns out that Amba Prasad is very much alive. His lawyer makes him see the harsh reality that none of his so-called relatives were there to pay respect to him but to get his money. Disheartened he leaves his house with his faithful dog.

He ends up in a little village and meets an artist (Anil Dhawan) who paints a portrait of Amba Prasad sleeping under a tree guarded by his dog. He assumes that Amba Prasad is a poor man and pays him. Later Amba Prasad faints as he is exhausted. The dog brings Aarti to help his master. Soon Amba Prasad becomes a part of Aartis family, the only other member of it being Aartis little brother who is disabled. Aarti makes medicines and gives it to the villagers and refuses to take money for her services. Her only income is from typing and stitching clothes for people. Arun and Aarti love each other. However, Arun realizes that he is just a poor artist and can never support Aarti and her brother and help her pay her debt when he can barely manage to look after himself and his mother. Hence, he tries to find a rich husband for Aarti. Aarti refuses to even consider this.

End of the movie they realize how rich Amba Prasad is. However neither Aarti nor Arun are interested in his wealth. Seeing their love Amba Prasad decided to stay with them till the end of his life.


Annadata is a 1972 Bollywood drama film directed by Asit Sen. The film stars Jaya Bachchan and Anil Dhawan and Om Prakash.