Anita , India, 10 February 1967

Neeraj and Anita are in love, which is unacceptable to her father. Anita's father wants her to marry Anil Sharma, a business tycoon. Initially, Anita wants Neeraj to walk out of his life. But later, Neeraj gets a letter from Anita, which raises some suspicions in his mind. He goes to meet her, only to learn that she has committed suicide. Neeraj suspects foul play and decides to find out the truth on his own.

Surprisingly, he sees Anita at the same exact place where she supposedly committed suicide. His friend advises Neeraj to go on a vacation and try to forget the incident. During his vacation, at a picnic, Neeraj once again sees Anita as a saffron clad sadhvi(saint), Maya. Neeraj learns that he saw Maya Jogan, who died 20 years ago. He sees her again in a train coach while travelling to Mumbai.

Anita sends a letter to Neeraj asking him to meet at a hotel so that she can disclose the truth. To avoid the police, Anita meets Neeraj in his house. Anita then takes Neeraj to the secret building where Anil reveals that he killed his lover who was pregnant and threw her into the river and made it look like Anita committed suicide.

  • Genre: Romantic
  • Runtime: 154 Minutes
  • Director: Raj Khosla


Anita is a 1967 Indian suspense film, directed and written by Raj Khosla, and starring Manoj Kumar and Sadhana. The film is the last of the suspense-thriller trilogy of Khosla-Sadhana partnership. Woh Kaun Thi? (1964) and Mera Saaya (1966) were the two previous films in the series.