Albela - 1971

Albela , India, 13 March 1971

Mahesh, a stage artist, receives a telegram of his father's last hours on the stage but he refuses to leave the play half way, and goes home after the show is over. His father takes a promise from his son that after his death he would try for his sister's marriage in a big reputed family.

His friend Jago finds a prince named Sunil, son of Sardar Gajraj Singh Ghansu. He also finds out that Sunil is a bachelor. In order to find appropriate attire for the proposal, he steals a king's costume from a theater.

Thus starting a roller coaster ride of an amazing drama.

  • Genre: Thriller
  • Runtime: 155 Minutes
  • Director: A. Shamsher


Albela is a Bollywood film released in the year 1971. It is directed by A. Shamsher and produced by Sanat Kothari.