Akalmand, India, 18 April 1984

Dr. Kiran and Priya meet and fall in love with each other, and get married. Kiran likes to drink and likes the company of women, Priya is aware of this and always suspects him of having an affair. When Shobha decides to go for a vacation to her parents' house, Kiran meets with a dancer/singer, Lulu, spends the night with her, and wakes up next morning to find her dead body. Fearing that the Police will arrest him, and his wife will leave him, he disposes of the body off of a bridge into a river and returns home to try and lead a normal life. When the Police find Lulu's body, they discover that she had taken a taxi to Kiran's house on the night of her death. It looks like Kiran may have to face the consequences of being arrested and his wife leaving him.


Akalmand (English: Intelligent) is a 1984 Indian Bollywood film produced by R.V. Gurupadam on banner and directed N.S. Raj Bharath. Starring Jeetendra and Sridevi in pivotal roles and music composed by Laxmikant-Pyarelal.