Achanak, India, 17 August 1973

Major Ranjeet Khanna (Vinod Khanna) is in love with his wife Pushpa, who seems to love him as well. His commanding officer, also his father-in-law, is played by Iftekar. Ranjeet is happy with his marriage, until he finds out about his wife's affair with his best friend. He kills them both and turns himself in to the police. Then, he escapes from the police to find the Ganges River, because he wanted to fulfill his wife's wish of dropping her wedding necklace into the river. However, the police shoot him first and he is hospitalized, where he becomes emotionally attached to the doctors (Om Shivpuri, Asrani) and the nurse (Farida Jalal), who are also devastated when he is sentenced to hang.

  • Genre: Action
  • Runtime: 150 Minutes
  • Director: Gulzar


Achanak (Hindi: अचानक, translation: Suddenly) is a 1973 Hindi film starring Vinod Khanna, and made by Gulzar. Gulzar won a Filmfare nomination as Best Director for this film. Even though Gulzar is an accomplished lyricist, this film did not have any songs in it. K.A. Abbas earned a Filmfare nomination for best story. It is inspired by the real-life sensational 1958 murder case KM Nanavati v State of Maharashtra.

The film features songs composed by Madan Mohan and background score composed by Salil Chowdhury.