Ab Dilli Dur Nahin

Ab Dilli Dur Nahin, India, 04 January 1957

Ab Dilli Dur Nahin is the story of a journey in search of justice. Hariram, a poor labourer, loved his wife and son Rattan so much that he lavished them with all the comforts of life even though it meant he was constantly in debt. Hariram's life fell apart when he lost his wife. So grief-stricken was he that he even lost his job due to poor attendance. Misery drove him to seek solace in alcohol. When drunken Hariram reached home he found his son crying as an evil loan shark Sethji had beaten him up.

In a fit of rage Hariram went to Sethji's house and nearly killed him but for the timely intervention of Mukunda who also owed Sethji money. Hariram left, but not before threatening to kill Bhola Seth. That night while Hariram was asleep next to where his wife had been cremated and Mukunda broke into Sethjis house to steal his valuables. When Sethji tried to stop him he killed Sethji.

Hariram was found guilty for this murder and sent to Delhi to await his death sentence. His distressed son, Rattan, not knowing how to save his innocent father meets Ghaseeta a pickpocket who had seen Hariram asleep in the crematorium. He relates the story to the police but they question his credibility. Uneducated Ghaseeta decides to go to Delhi with Rattan to plea Hariram's case before Pt. Nehru.

Mukunda fears for his life and follows in pursuit of the child and his witness. A race begins between Rattan and the pickpocket and the real culprit as he attempts to stop them too.

  • Genre: Action
  • Runtime: 134 Minutes
  • Director: Amar Kumar


Ab Dilli Dur Nahin (Hindi: अब दिल्ली दुर् नहीं) is a 1957 Bollywood film directed by Amar Kumar and written by Rajinder Singh Bedi and Muhafiz Hyder. The film was produced by Raj Kapoor and starred Yakub, Anwar Hussain, Motilal, Nand Kishore and Jagdeep.