Aasha, India, 04 March 1980

{Translation Hindi:होप English:Hope} Deepak (Jeetendra) is a truckdriver who gives a lift to a famous singer Aasha (Reena Roy) when her vehicle breaks down. They become friends. He is already in love with Mala (Rameshwari), whom he marries. Aasha wishes him well calling him "dost" (friend), even though she has fallen in love with him. Deepak has an accident, and everyone believes that he is dead. His grieving mother tells a pregnant Mala to go away. Mala goes home to her father, but he dies. Upset with everything in her life, she jumps from a bridge into the water. She is saved by members of a temple community but finds that she lost her sight. She gives birth and names her daughter Deepamala, combining her and her husband's names. Her husband turns out to be alive. He comes home and finds his mother overjoyed to see him. She tells him that Mala had committed suicide. He becomes depressed. Aasha re-enters his life and helps him overcome his depression. They get engaged. They become acquainted with Deepamala, now a little girl, selling little God's statutes on the street. They are completely enchanted by her, even though they don't know that she is really Deepak's daughter. Aasha meets Mala and tells her they'll pay for her eye operation, so she can regain her sight. Aasha also invites her and Deepamala to the wedding. After she regains her sight from the operation, she goes to Aasha's wedding and is shocked to see Deepak. She quickly leaves, not wanting to disrupt Aasha and Deepak's lives. Mala's friend (Girish Karnad) tells Deepak that Mala is still alive and that Deepamala is actually his daughter. Aasha cancels the wedding and calls him "dost" (friend) and tells him to go and reunite with his wife and daughter, which he does. Aasha goes back on stage permanently to sing her signature song "Shisha Ho Ya Dil Ho, Aakhir Toot Jata Hai," which translates into "Whether it's glass or a heart, it will inevitably break."

  • Genre: Romantic
  • Runtime: 140 Minutes
  • Director: J. Om Prakash


Aasha is a 1980 Hindi movie produced and directed by J. Om Prakash. The film stars Jeetendra, Reena Roy, Rameshwari, Girish Karnad, Bhagwan and Shakti Kapoor. The films music is by Laxmikant Pyarelal. The film became a "blockbuster" at the box office.

The film was later remade into Telugu as Anuraga Devatha (1982) starring N.T. Rama Rao (in Jeetendra's role), Sridevi (in Reena Roy's role), Jayasudha (in Rameshwari's role) and Nandamuri Balakrishna (in Girish Karnad role).

Director J. Om Prakash included in Aasha (1980) the first screen appearance of his grandson -- future Hindi film superstar Hrithik Roshan -- by covertly shooting the little boy as he danced on the set while 'visiting grandpa'. Hrithik was only six years old when the film released.