Aasha , India, 22 February 1957

The story is about Kishore who is good-hearted person and always helps poor people even though he is from rich Zamindar family. One day he travels to Bombay to stay with his cousin Raj, who cheats a lot with girls. When they both go for a hunt in the jungle, Raj meets a man who demands he marry his jilted daughter . Raj murders the father and he frames the crime on Kishore. Kishore is forced to flee. Finally Kishore and his lover Nirmala prove that Raj is the guilty one, and Raj tells the truth in front of everyone. Now the police arrest Raj and Kishore marries Nirmala amid happy celebrations.

  • Genre: Thriller
  • Runtime: 171 Minutes
  • Director: M. V. Raman


Aasha (Hindi: आशा, translation: hope), also transliterated as Asha, was a 1957 Bollywood film starring Kishore Kumar and Vyjayanthimala, and directed by M.V.Raman. The film became a box office hit.