Aarop, India, 19 January 1973

Aarop is the story of Subhash (Vinod Khanna), as the protagonist, crusader of people’s rights and fights against injustices / crime, in a place called Nandgaon, by means of running a fiery newspaper called “Mashaal”, in which he is the editor and his friend Ravi (Vinod Mehra), is the lawyer. They are helped by Aruna (Saira Banu), who is a school teacher, and adopted daughter of the Krishna temple priest, Pujariji (Bharat Bhushan).

They come across hard core criminals, when they represent their conflicts with 3 Aces Club ; a gambling bar and heinous vice den run by Kanchan (Bindu (actress)) and her highly placed, powerful business man crony Makhan Lal Singh (Rehman), who have a bevy of corrupt politicians in their pockets and a gang of armed goons with Ceasar (Gulshan Arora) as the main antagonist. Subhash starts publishing against 3 Aces Club with a vengeance, who retaliate by burning down his press. Thankfully the fire is put out in time. But then they are gripped in a no win situation by Makhan Lal Singh unleashing his organized crime tactics and throwing both Ravi as a lawyer and Aruna as a school teacher, out of work and choking the finances of the press by making its owner Dhondu Dada (Johnny Walker (actor)), their gambling client and looting, all the press assets .This makes the enraged Subhash, take out his gun from his drawer and advance towards 3 Aces Club to finish off Kanchan. When he reaches there and is about to shoot, Kanchan is shot by the goons of Makhan Lal Singh. Subhash unaware of the culprits, flees from the scene, reaches Aruna’s temple, and gives the gun to her, to hide. However he is caught by the police and his case in court is fought by Ravi. Advocate Desai (Satyen Kappu) fights for the prosecution.

The story is interlaced by a romance between Subhash and Aruna , and an undisclosed yearning by Ravi to make Aruna his own. Aruna accuses Ravi that he is deliberating lapsing in saving Subhash from the gallows, for a murder he did not commit, which makes Ravi vehemently oppose, and reach the Ballistic report expert Shrivastav’s (Raj Mehra), house, who has hidden the second gun that killed Kanchan. With the help of Tony (Paintal (comedian)), who is a free lance journalist and photographer, he is able to pin down the Ballistic expert. But before he can present this evidence to court a fight ensues between the goons of Makhan Lal Singh (Rehman) and personnel of Mashaal press, wherein Ravi, in trying to save Subhash, is killed by Makhan Lal Singh (Rehman). The story ends with Makhan Lal Singh (Rehman) being caught by the police, along with his goons, along with Dwarka (Kundan) who killed Kanchan. Watch Movie.

  • Genre: Romantic
  • Runtime: 130 Minutes
  • Director: Atma Ram


Aarop is a 1974 Bollywood romance film, laced with crime and suspense, directed by Atma Ram, who is the brother of the legendary film maker Guru Dutt, who made intense films with powerful social themes. Atma Ram completed many of Guru Dutt's films after his mysterious suicide. Writers were Vrajendra Gaur (dialogue), and Ram Govind (screenplay). The film stars Vinod Khanna, Saira Banu, Vinod Mehra, in pivotal roles and Rehman, as villian. Bhupen Hazarika scored the music for lyrics penned by Maya Govind. The song 'Naino mein darpan hai, darpan mein koi..' by Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar is still quite popular.